Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey all, sorry I've been negligent in updating my blog. I'll try to be more diligent....but don't count on, really I will......I will.

Here is an interview I did for a Big Dick blog called Manx10.  Below is the link to the actual blog and interview with some pics.  Steve features all sorts of amature dudes with big dongs. Some maybe bigger than me. Q says check it out, It's Wankerlicious!

If you don't want to leave the friendly confines of my below is the interview sans the pics.

*1)* When you posted your first video as Quercusone, what was your motivation? Were you just showing off, or did you already know you wanted to turn this into something?


The first time I ever posted was on an amateur site called newbienudes. That was in June of '05...I know because that first pic is still posted there. I had been looking at the site for a while but never considered posting. But then my gf decided she wanted to show a friend of hers a pic of my dick....that's a whole other story that I’ll put in my blog (which you can access for free from my web site)... So I took the picture and I decided to post it on NN. Well, the response was immediate and very positive. Boy, I sure got an ego boost from that. The next day I posted another....and another....and I'm still posting there. Now I was just having fun but then people started telling me about people taking my pics, which I didn't watermark at the time, and posting them as their own on other web sites. I was flattered but at the same time tried to stop them when I could. Then web masters started using my pics to promote their own big dick web sites and even selling some of my pics. That’s when I decided that if my dick could make money, I should be the one getting that mullah.  And I’m not getting rich…or even making enough to live on. It’s just a little bit of extra cash. I have had some porn companies offer to make real movies with me but I have a good real job that I love. I work for myself and make pretty good money so I’ll probably never do real porn. Although I suppose everyone has their price…..make me an offer…haha!




*2)* At what point was your popularity high enough that you noticed it, or felt it was different from your peers?


I guess I kind of answered this in the previous response.


*3)* You've filmed some of your sexual encounters now. How was that? Do you approach it differently than your solo videos? How did you bring it up with your lady friends?


Getting girls to agree to be filmed is tough. And I date normal girls…no strippers, etc. But I’ve been able to convince a couple of them to let me roll the cameras as long as their faces aren’t shown. And as you can tell by my vids, they are not really setup or thought out. Its just basic fucking, bad lighting, very amateur which I like. Its more real than the plastic like stuff the porn industry puts out. I guess other people feel that way too…what with the explosion in amateur porn.



*4)* You've got a sizable male fan base that aren't quite sure whether they're supposed to be watching you or not, which admittedly is part of the appeal. But recently, you addressed a guy verbally in one of your videos. What's your current stance toward your male viewers?


When I first started posting pics I noticed the responses were 80% guys. I mean, we guys are visual animals. We like to see big dicks, big tits, etc. I consider myself straight…I’ve never done anything with a guy and don’t imagine myself ever doing anything…..but I have always like looking at big dongs. I think there are a lot of straight guys like me but many of them will never admit looking at other guys dicks. Anyway, I’m not homophobic…I have some gay friends....and no, they don’t know about my wiener. So I don’t mind gay guys watching or commenting at all. I enjoy getting my ego stroked by guys too.


*5)* Ever slept with a member of your female fan base?


Early on, when I first started posting I hooked up with a couple of girls and one couple where the hubby watched…and stroked himself. I was never comfortable doing this. I guess I’m too much of a nervous Nellie. So I haven’t done it in a couple of years.


*6)* You sell some of your personal items at your website. What's the big mover, product-wise? I'm guessing your briefs.


Yea briefs and jock straps. And the custom vids, like the one you mentioned earlier where I was addressing a guy, are pretty popular.


*7)* Of all the clips you're selling at Clips4Sale, what's your own personal favorite performance?


The first fucking vid, “Fucking the Saturday Night Pick Up”. It’s just raw. We were in bed and she finally said yes to the camera so I grabbed it, set it on the bed behind me where you just see cock ramming pussy, and took off fucking.


*8)* Ever jerk off watching your own videos?


I haven’t jerked off but I do get a boner sometimes.


*9)* Ever take pictures or video just for yourself, without posting them anywhere?


No, I’m too much of an exhibitionist. Now there are some vids that don’t come out very well and so I don’t post those.


*10)* Any big plans? What's next?


I’m not a big planning person. I just take things day by day. I would like to get a good web site of my own. Especially since clips4sale keeps a huge chunk of the proceeds from my sales. I hired someone last year to build one and they never finished and bailed on me. It was partly my fault because I was slow to answer their questions and approve things. So now I do have a web site but it’s pretty basic. I’m not an html guy and haven’t had the time to learn. I also have thought about T-shirts, underwear, etc with my logo  Qi/  on it. The Q is of course for Quercusone and the i/ is a man with a boner that’s bigger than he is….clever aye? Haha……Oh and maybe the dildo replica of my dick. I think that would be a big seller. But the upfront cost for a mold is super expensive and the do it yourself kits don’t work very well….I tried them. Don’t anyone hold their breath waiting for any of this to happen cuz in addition to all of my other stellar qualities, I’m a lazy bastard!





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