Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well it's been a while.....again. But since my last post, I've spent a glorious month in Europe. 10 days in Amsterdam, a week in Copenhagen, a week in Berlin and a few days in London. I had sex in Vondel Park, Amager Field park and of course the Tiergarten....doesn't everyone....haha! Other than that, I just rented a bike and rode around the various cities like a local. I highly recommend seeing any city by bike as it completely changes your perspective. I always thought of Berlin as spread out because when I'd been there before it took quite a while to get anywhere on the U-bahn. But on a bike, it took only 20 to 30 minutes what would've taken 20 -30 minutes on the U-bahn.

But I'm back in Dallas now in the 100 degree heat. I would say I'm going to blog more....and that is still my goal. But like my dad always said.......I'm a lazy, good for nothing bastard!



Anonymous said...

Who did you have sex with in Vondel Park, Amager Field park and of course the Tiergarten?

What about the Red Light District?

Tyson said...

Unrelated question:

Are you uncut? You're normally hard in all your videos. Sometimes you look cut, but other times it seems like you have a foreskin. How about some pics showing you completely soft?

deco said...

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