Monday, April 26, 2010

Cucking the Cocky Dude

Well my plan worked. I wore the swimsuit that shows my big dick off and the little swimmer girl took the bait......she couldn't swallow all of it.......but she tried. From my previous post you'll recall the hot girl that swims on my club team and her big dicked boy friend. Well the first few days I wore my cock flaunter of a suit she didn't show up. But finally she made it one day with the bf. After the workout I started talking to her and...well...the bf was not happy. He kept trying to get her to leave. Finally she did. When I got back to the locker room, I made sure the bf got another look at the dick that was bigger than his and was gonna nail his girl. And since I was a little excited from talking to her, my dick was a little chubby and hanging about 8 thick inches. When I left the locker room, I ran into the girl...I'll call her Tina, again in the lobby. She was waiting on her bf and so I chatted her up some more. I joked that her bf was busy showing off in the locker room and she laughed and said yea, he had the biggest dick she had ever seen. I told maybe she should take a look at mine sometime and tell me how I measured up. She laughed and I decided to take off and leave her thinking about that. Well, she must have thought about it...............Long and Hard.....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well.....I'm back....again......With a little story that just happened. There is a girl where I swim my work out that I talk to occasionally. She's just my type, a lil petite thang. And she like to ware bikinis to swim her workout....She looks damn good. Well, She has mentioned a boy friend and I finally saw him a couple weeks ago. He was with her at the Whole Foods.....short, pudgy, bald dude. And so in my fantasy, she needs a tall, fit guy, hung like me...haha! I flirted with her a bit and I could tell he was not happy with that. Well, the bf was a swim workout yesterday and from the looks of his speedo, he was packin'. And he seemed to be showing off his bulge. After the workout I walk into the shower and there he is showering with his curtain open (private shower cubicles at this place) and yea, he had a big dick dangling between his legs....5 to 6" maybe. Not as big as me, but bigger than most. But again, with his curtain open he was digging showing off. I head over to my shower cubicle and shower and head back to my locker. Guess who is at the locker beside me??? I drop my towel and he does a double take at my big, thick 7" flaccid cock. I don't think he'd seen anybody bigger than him before. After he got a good look, he looked up and saw that I had caught him. I've now made it my mission to fuck his girl.......I can't wait to fuck her with my bigger cock. I love putting cocky guys in their that so wrong of me??

Now I generally try to keep my cock somewhat hidden....although I can't really hide it. But this swimsuit is what I wear when I want to show it off.....Guess I'll be wearing this the next few weeks.