Monday, March 30, 2009

How y'all all? I've been on vacation in out West Texas. Now I know what you're thinking..... But it was the Big Bend area of West Texas.......very beautiful area. I also went to Marfa which is at about 5000 foot altitude and is fast becoming a new "Santa Fe". Lots of artsy types are moving there which is transforming this little (2000 people)  town into a trippy West Texas rancher meets New York artist wierd thingy. Here are some pics...

Iconic Water Tower

Dan Flavin Permanent Installation

Donald Judd Permanent Installation
He was the first artist to move out here in the '70s

Hiking a Slot canyon

On the River road along the Rio Grande

Sunset in Marfa

Y'all Come Vists!


Unknown said...

Hi Q,

I've bought several of your videos. You are HOTTTT! Just wondering about your ethnic background? Italian? Latin?


George Tesseris said...

I spent a few very memorable days in Big Bend National Park, including hiking in the park and visiting the area towns. Amazing experience. Nice to see you're about more than just the dick. George.